Lovenjoy Vanlife

Vanlife Vancity

Entertainment distric downtown, two years notorious vanlifer, cultural icon. Thousands of patrons weekends on Granville.

Vanlife Tourist

Covid move to Vancouver, living in a tent on Wreck Beach, to a bigger tent as a legal vendor, then mobile home.

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Rastafari Drum Festival

Vanlife Tourism

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Safe spaces to park. Sanctuaries for touring caravans with Vanlife Villages. Visit Island retreats in Jamaica.

Vanlife Upgrade

We lived in a tent at Wreck Beach all summer; largest optional clothing beach. Fall 2020, we invested in a mobile home.

Vanlife Culture

Minimize and monetize. Over half of disposable income is lost to rent or mortgage. Invest in yourself.

Vanlife Lifestyle

Monetized a life of touring, van life, and Rawstafari living. Next step is a Vanlife Village and Commune.  

Lovenjoy Vanlife

Vanlife Police

Parking restrictions in many places, abundant parking in others. Many residential areas require no permit. Police minimal.

Vanlife Business

Two years living this treat! We entertain the many pedestrians on the beat. Hundreds if not thousands meet, greet on the street.

Vanlife Host

Our slave names we had inherited over five generations ago, now disowned apropos, for Love of humanity, as Rastafari. See bio.

Juanlove Vanlife